Database Overview

Here's an overview of a sample SHDatabase generated by Shuttle. Containing the main attributes and values used on a sample app:

database: {
users: {}, // TO-DO
userContent: {} // TO-DO
constants: {
ID_constantText: {
value: "Welcome to Shuttle", // String
ID_constantWebsite: {
value: "", // String
collections: {
ID_CollectionRockets: [
// Any JSON Element, could be for example an array of rockets 🚀
rocketId: "BogotaA1",
rocketName: "Bogotá A1 Rocket",
rocketImageURL: ""


When creating a Shuttle project, we help you manage the registration and login process of your users. Bear in mind that you have to make sure to store and secure your database credentials to avoid this information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. Make sure to avoid saving sensitive user information inside any other database branches other than the users branch. Although we try our best to secure the user information, we are not responsible for any security breach. It is your responsability to protect the information and to comply with local and international data policies.

User Content

Here Shuttle will store user secured content such as their private profile information, their personal settings, their private messages, etc. Bear in mind that this folder is only readable and editable by the user itself. Please avoid to store credit cards, passwords and any sensitive information here that could otherwise be stored in payment platforms or in encrypted formats.


Here Shuttle will be able to store all the information of the app such as titles, texts images, etc. This will store any content you might want to change over time. You will be able to use Shuttle Cloud to edit this variables and they will update in real time inside the user's downloaded app. For example you might want to have a logo of your app in the Login Screen. You will be able to provide the URL of that image in Shuttle Cloud and users will see that logo. Let's say you changed your company logo, just access Shuttle Cloud and change it.


Here Shuttle will store all the dynamic content used for tables and grids. It works similar to the Constants but in this branch Shuttle will store arrays of data. For example, if your app shows a list of available rockets. You will be able to add, edit, remove any rocket here and the app will dynamically show more or less rockets inside the app.